A workshop, webinar, or conference is a great way to initiate and test interest in behavioral science in your organization.  Let us customize a solution that is right for you.

We offer half and full day onsite workshops to introduce basic BMT principles and help you brainstorm solutions to your specific challenges.  Our workshops can include 1-3 expert trainers with activities designed specifically for your organization.  We can also deliver pre and post workshop activities and surveys to help you get the most out of the day.

Workshop Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Behavior Management Techniques (BMT)
  • Connecting Lean and Behavior
  • Behavioral Incident Investigations
  • Behavioral Coaching
  • Perspective:  An Essential Leadership Tool

What our clients are saying:

anonymous workshop attendee

You did an excellent job of keeping the audience engaged. I liked how you both took turns; it was a pleasure to listen to you both speak. The group projects were insightful and enjoyable.

anonymous conference attendee

“You are such a fun bunch of experts!  Your presentations were clear, intuitive, came with refreshingly unique Power Points, and your humble and unassuming styles were drenched with the self confidence of knowing your stuff actually works.  I hope the positive attitudes of your network spreads.”

Ron Truelove, EHS Manager, Devon Energy

“I have heard Dr. John Austin speak at two different conferences.  I have gained valuable insight into behavioral sciences from Dr. Austin’s presentations.  For a chemical engineer, the ideas around behavioral sciences are relatively tough concepts.  However, Dr. Austin is able to simplify the concepts so that I always have something very practical to take home and use with the Operations and Management staff I support from a safety perspective.”

anonymous workshop and conference attendee

“Nicole had the best presentation for me over the course of the two days and the one that sticks firmly in my mind.  It has switched on a lightbulb for me on how to address a particular issue of a passive aggressive member of my team.  Fantastic!!”