“Your organization is perfectly designed to get the results it is getting now.” ~Peter Block

Behavior Management Techniques (BMT) do not merely fix a problem, it permanently transforms people and organizations making them better equipped to address challenges.

Rooted in behavioral science, our solutions provide learners with a clearer understanding of their daily interactions, skills to better influence those around them through the consequences they apply, and the ability to create a better work environment by changing their own behavior.

Our extensive experience working in a variety of industries and organizations allows our team to customize and adapt solutions to fit your unique organization and people.  Our experts have developed, tested, and refined our BMT teaching technology and materials for over ten years in order to create high quality and effective solutions.

Our bestselling solutions are the BMT Leadership Course and the BMT Safety Course.  These award-winning courses deliver long-lasting and wide-reaching impact to organizations.  We have crafted the courses to include the most effective learning tools and the most effective delivery mechanisms.  We generally teach content in half-day sessions held every 2 weeks.  These sessions occur over a few months, with homework and coaching in between sessions.  At the end of the course, participants use their newly acquired skills to create real change in their workplace, often resulting in a significant return on investment.  We don’t offer this solution because it’s easy or marketable; we offer it because it works.