Reaching Results Team

John Austin, PhD (Managing Consultant)

John AustinDr. John Austin is an internationally recognized expert in providing behavior-based solutions to organizational challenges.  He is the founder of Reaching Results, a consultancy for management, motivation, leadership, and safety.  He has consulted with organizations for 20 years to improve productivity and safety in various industries including: chemical, construction, healthcare, transportation, food service, utilities, retail government, and manufacturing.  He has published nearly 100 articles and chapters, delivered over 200 presentations at regional, national, and international conferences, and has published three books.  John is the past Director of the Organizational Behavior Management Network, a Trustee at the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, and a leading member of the UK & USA based BMT Federation (  John earned his BA from the University of Notre Dame and his MS and PhD from Florida State University.

Nicole Gravina, PhD (Consultant)

Nicole GravinaDr. Nicole Gravina is an expert in behavioral science and using behavior-based techniques to create positive changes in organizations. She is currently a consultant with Reaching Results and has helped organizations in various industries achieve substantial improvements in safety, leadership, employee satisfaction, and engagement. Nicole has delivered over 50 presentations and workshops at national and international conferences and has published numerous research articles.  She is currently the President of the OBM Network.  Nicole is also a leading member of the BMT Federation.  She earned her BA, MA, and PhD from Western Michigan University and completed a research fellowship at Liberty Mutual Safety Research Institute.

Richard Kazbour, PhD (Consultant)

RichardHeadshotBWDr. Richard Kazbour is passionate about teaching leaders’ strategies for engineering positive change within organizations. He is an expert in behavioral science with experience consulting in industries including food service, healthcare, manufacturing, and education. He has conducted research in areas including training, safety improvement, and employee performance, and has received numerous awards, grants, and scholarships including an award for his work with driver safety. Richard has delivered presentations at national and international conferences and taught organizational courses at Western Michigan University. Richard is also a member of the BMT Federation. He earned his BS and MS from Florida State University and his PhD from Western Michigan University.

Lisa Kazbour, MA (Consultant)

Lisa Kazbour

Lisa Kazbour is an award-winning teacher with experience in business, health psychology, and behavioral science.  A member of the BMT Federation and an invited speaker at international and national conferences on topics related to behavior, her consulting work has helped leaders in business achieve measurable results in regards to safety, health, and leadership. Before joining Reaching Results, Lisa taught courses at Western Michigan University, where she was also heavily involved in behavioral health research.  Lisa also has a background in business management and marketing, and spent time interning with the Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. She earned her BS in Psychology and Health Promotion with a minor in Marketing at Michigan State University, and her MA in Psychology at Western Michigan University.


Howard Lees

Howard Lees is a British Chartered Civil Engineer with over 30 years construction experience, he was Operations Manager for Bechtel Water during the 90’s and Construction Oversight Manager for Bechtel projects in Europe. After a period studying Applied Behavioral Science in the USA he moved to London working with Bechtel Project and Executive Managers to improve business performance within the Company. Howard now heads up Hollin Consulting, specializing in behavioral training and coaching, over the last eight years his company has been engaged by major UK clients including Bechtel, Carillion, Network Rail, Scottish Water, Costain, Oldham MBC, MWH, 4Delivery, APSE, The City of Edinburgh Council, Galliford, Morgan Est, Atkins, Southern Water, Edinburgh Trams, United Utilities and Mouchel.

Howard is a founding member of the UK, USA and NZ based BMT Federation and is widely recognized as the driving force behind the introduction of behavioral management techniques to the UK.

Rachel Edwards

Rachel is a consultant with Hollin Consulting, the UK’s leading consultancy specializing in behavior-based training and coaching. Her work includes delivering behavior management techniques and behavior based safety courses, coaching and development of future trainers and practitioners, and assisting organizations in realizing the benefits of the training. Rachel’s focus is on using Applied Behavioral Science to align business strategy, results and performance, and develop sustainable employee led improvements.

Bob Cummins

Bob Cummins is a graduate of Portsmouth University and Chartered Member of IOSH. Bob is a strategic health and safety leader with over 20 years experience within the private and public construction sectors.  Bob moved from construction management into Health and Safety Management in 1997 and has worked for a number of multinational companies and large projects. He is a frequent speaker at Health and Safety conferences including the BMT Federation, RoSPA and IOSH.  His areas of expertise include; Safety Leadership and Coaching, Behavioural Management and Science, and Strategic and Business Safety Management.

Bruce Faulkner

Bruce Faulkner is the founder of Three Simple Rules, a consultancy that provides behavioral solutions to business.  He uses his experience and analytic talent to help clients re-align the work environment to get discretionary effort from their employees. During his career, he has worked on many large-scale projects and held key leadership positions in engineering, operations, and project management.

Joanne Lees

Joanne has a degree in Business Studies and is a Training Consultant with Hollin Consulting specializing in teaching Behavior Based Safety and Behavior Management Techniques to a wide range of organizations. She also has experience in developing business improvements through coaching and projects and has worked extensively with Dr Ryan Olson both in the UK and US. Joanne led the ground breaking safety studies in Edinburgh City Council leading to a significant improvement in safety performance and a major safety award for the City Council. Joanne has trained and coached a significant number of internal company trainees who are now successfully improving efficiency and safety in their respective businesses. A talented cartoonist, Joanne provides all our cartoons for presentations and booklets.

Alison Lees

With a background in childcare and education, Alison is currently researching the benefits of using behavioural science in the ‘early years’ sector. Alison’s main interests are in learning difficulties, with a focus on dyslexia, looking at it as a different way of learning rather than a barrier. Alison is working with a group of international educational experts connected to the BMT Federation.

Lynn Dunlop

Lynn has a joint degree in English and Business Studies and a background in Policing and IT.  She writes and edits copy, including the BMT Federation newsletter and Hollin books, as well as producing and editing documentation for clients who are looking to produce behaviorally sound bids.  Lynn also manages the Hollin website and related computer systems.  She provides a behavioral perspective on IT, increasing the likelihood of a new or upgraded system being successfully rolled out.

Dr. Denis O’Hora

Denis is a lecturer in psychology at the National University of Ireland, Galway. He is an expert in basic experimental psychology, who has published on a wide variety of topics from intelligence testing to measuring brain activity. He has recently applied this expertise to organizational issues, in particular to understanding the impact of goals and other management strategies on employee behavior.

Dr. Ryan Olson

Ryan is an assistant research scientist at Oregon Health & Science University who specializes in the science of worker self-control. Ryan is arguably the world leader in the development of safety and health interventions for lone workers. He has developed successful assessment and intervention tools for supervisors and workers in a variety of industries including; aviation, bus transit, commercial trucking and local authority lone workers.

Allison Reynolds

Allison is an independent consultant who works to deliver business improvements through behavior based training and coaching solutions to a wide cross section of UK employers using a two-step approach of first identifying the critical changes required to drive the targeted results and secondly adapting the work environment to prompt and reinforce the changes.

Andrea Quinn

Andrea Quinn is an independent consultant who has a reputation for delivering significant change and improvement to organizations.  Andrea has experience in both public and private sectors, spanning engineering and construction, delivery of large capital programs, regulated utilities, policing, IT, forensics, local government, training and environmental services.  A civil engineer by profession, she has had a number of influential roles, including CEO of the Scottish Police Authority.