BMT Courses

Our courses are delivered in half day modules spaced approximately two weeks apart. The optimal number of participants is 12, but each course may have up to 15 participants.  Smaller groups increase the likelihood of engagement and participation by attendees.

Our behaviorally-based courses include:

BMT Leadership Course (5-7 Modules) *Bestseller*
Leaders at all levels of the organization learn how to create work environments that result in improved performance and engagement
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BMT Safety Course (4-6 Modules)  *Bestseller*
Delegates learn the science behind why people behave safely and at-risk at work and are empowered to create work environments that support safety
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BMT Coaching (2 modules)
This short course is a follow-up to our safety or leadership course and prepares delegates to effectively coach others

BMT Lean Course (2-4 Modules)  
This course links lean thinking with behavior and helps organizations struggling to embed lean into their culture to improve acceptance and implementation
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BMT Course in Employee Engagement (2-4 Modules)
This course teaches strategies for increasing employee engagement and commitment

BMT Train the Trainer
This course follows a complete implementation of BMT Safety or BMT Leadership and prepares internal trainers to continue to train and sustain BMT in their organization

Learning tools included in our courses:

Booklets – Short, interesting books to supplement the course content

RF Questions – Anonymous polling during the course with instant feedback

RADAR – Online homework system that includes case studies and assignments with individualized feedback from the instructor

BIPs  – Behavior Improvement Projects selected by attendees to practice applying skills at work, often resulting in high ROI

Hands-On Activities – Customized activities to help learners grasp and apply behavioral techniques for your organization

Coaching – during and following the course to build and sustain improvements

What our clients are saying:

Gretchen Mansfield, Chemical Operations Manager:

“The BMT course is an awesome experience. The concepts are so simple yet we seem to forget them as we get higher in the management chain. It was great to see the engagement from all levels of the work force not only in the training but also in the project work. This course helped me remember why I like being a leader… I like working with and encouraging people to do their best everyday!”

Mark Roys, COO:

“Our adoption of the behavioral based approach to safety has given us a new perspective in effective project management.  The Reaching Results team and their personal interaction really helped our project managers gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals and how it relates to what they do every day. For the leadership team, it became obvious that the applicability of BBS approach goes well beyond safety.  We have also found BBS to be a solid differentiator to our clients.”

Kevin Kirk, Director of Safety (CSM Group):

“I had a magnificent experience working with Reaching Results.  They are had a well organized plan and followed through with what they said they would do.  I always received honest feedback with a plan on how to make changes based on their extensive knowledge and resources.  I look forward to working with them again in the near future.”

Don Kernan, General Manager (SuperValu)

“The challenge; implement Lean Best Practices in partnership with our mature, behavior based culture.  The solution; Reaching Results.  Drs Gravina and Austin designed a course for my team that assured we could merge the two disciplines successfully.  Now a team that excels at using behavioral management techniques, uses that expertise at every step of a Lean project.  Thank you Reaching Results.”

Ray Gatza, Pharmacy Operations Manager (SuperValu)

“Everyone of us held a separate and different link of the lean process, but they were not tied together in a sequence that was effectively integrating our behaviors into lean.  Nicole helped us to glue the links together one at a time, injecting the behavioral process where appropriate, and bring about a better overall understanding of the desired sustainable results.”


“The BMT class was one of the best training experiences that I have had as a professional. BMT took simple processes/concepts and taught them in a way that everyone could grasp. The constant feedback from the instructors allowed everyone to grasp the concepts quickly and show real results in a short period of time. It is amazing how this experience can change organizations and how if we truly focus on behaviors, we can reshape the culture. I look forward to what these tools can bring to my organization.”


“I am very lucky to have participated in BMT training.  Before the training got underway I thought it was nothing more then a requirement from my employer.  It didn’t take long after having started to read my first BMT booklet that I realized that there was a great opportunity to grow as an individual, and I was hooked.  Each of the booklets contain excellent material that is simple to read and understand.  Every day we attempt to manage behavior – whether it be your kids or a coworker.  BMT training helps put a little bit of proven science behind this.”